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Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt

Had the pleasure to attend the Charles Garrett Memorial Hunt in Jefferson Texas this past weekend. Along with Keith Wills, Austin Peterson and Aspen Peterson.

Keith set up a Booth and featured Garrett Metal detectors and everything Garrett has to offer. Keith had some new items that Garrett came out within the last few months.

Keith spoke about WWATS Sat night and our Huge Ultimate Treasure & gold show coming in May. Also What WWATS has done in the past and what we are going to do for the hobby.

Mentioned the hunt in Colorado in June and Antlers Oklahoma in Oct   

WWATS donated 2 Memberships to help support their event and we were well received for the donation and weekend.

Had a chance to meet Mrs.Garrett and spent some time talking to her about the company .

Also Nugget Noggin  George KG & Ringy. and the staff of Garrett Such a great staff  

Such a great event well organized and lots of interesting items found. lots of history on this vast property everything from the civil war to date was found.

The camp grounds Diamonds Dons RV park in Jefferson has lots of history and and welcomed everyone. they made sure everybody was happy. Diamond Don took my Kids to his favorite fishing hole and set them up and they caught a bunch of fish.

Want to thank The Garrett family and staff for this Great event and the opportunity to attend   

 Wayne "NuggetBrain" Peterson
 President of WWATS

2017 WWATS Information - Early Registration and Discount Information

For next years WWATS Rendezvous in Cortes, Colorado June 17th 2017. Three days of fun fill hunts for the entire family. Don’t miss it. New Flyer and registration will appear on in January 2017. Reserve your campsite now before they are gone. Read below and contact Audrey soon. Keith Wills, VP WWATS
From: Audrey Huver
Sent: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 2:02 PM
Subject: 2017 WWATS Information - Early Registration and Discount Information
Hi fellas can this sent out to WWATS members ASAP so we can do early registration?  Thanks and God Bless You!

(The dates are June 16-19th, I am unsure as to the start date for WWAT's it might be Friday instead of Thurs. )

The Purpose Driven Project Boy's team will be here during that time.  I am so excited about the boys being here during WWATS.  They will participate in events with you all as we can. :)  Exciting right?  You guys have been helping us since the birth of this program and those of you that have been here will get to meet the kids first hand!
Early registration is open for me with the discounted rates below.  You are always welcome to come early and stay later - additional fees apply.  Call Audrey to reserve: (970)882-2523

Rates below reflect a discounted rate good through 12/31/2016 and include 3 meals per day
Note that all rates will increase after 1/1/2017 - so register & pay today!
Under age of 5 Free. 10 & under 1/2 price

Room & Board Dormitory per person per night - $35.00
Private Dormitory (Sleeps 8) per night - $225.00
Tent/RV Dry Camp per person per night - $30.00
Day Camp & Meals only per day - $28.00
Linen Rentals per night (Bedding & Pillow) $5.00
Towel Rentals per day - $3.00
Day Pass - (no meals) 9.00 per person per day

Audrey M. Huver

Four Corners Christian Camp - Executive Director



In Mancos, Colorado

This was held over Memorial Day weekend for four days of hunts and enjoyment for all. The Four Corners Christian Camp was a beautiful and scenic site for the events. I was able to meet a number of wonderful folks there that had come to enjoy the events each day from several different states. The Camp workers were handling every need at the camp. The prices were great if you stayed in the Camp bunkhouses or an RV, the cost covered three tasty and wonderful meals a day. We just had way too many prizes for the four days of hunts and everyone had the time of their lives. Everyone left with some prizes and we also ran a few auctions to help raise funds for the Camp and some of the next campers coming in to enjoy and learn from their many programs they teach there for the children with problems.

The hunt field was like a large golf green and a beautiful scenic area to enjoy a wonderful day outside swinging a detector. A number of folks came with their RV’s and set them up where they could see the hunt field and the nearby large lake. Several went fishing and caught some good size pike and trout.

The seminars given by experts in their field were great and I believe everyone learned something at each one of them. Discussions were held on problems with government closures of public lands and proper permission required on private lands, just to name a few while we were relaxing outside after seminars. Once again, we requested that most everyone serious about the hobby should join PLP (Public Lands for the People) as well as WWATS. WWATS is working with PLP in trying to help change laws on public lands and train folks in getting permission, cleaning the area better than we found it and covering the small holes or divots made when we are detecting.

In short, it was a wonderful and beautiful scenic mountains and green valleys four days of treasure hunts, WWATS has done it again, another super event and more to come. You really missed a good event, so look for it again next year, same time, week of Memorial Day weekend at the same location. Come have an event that you and your family will remember.

Many thanks to folks like Garrett Detectors, Pat Keene of Keene Engineering, Minelab Detectors, Sportsman Paradise, East Texas metal Detectors, Daryl Townley and others I can’t remember at this time. Folks like this is who make this event a huge success.

Keith Wills
P.S. Remember WWATS Rendezvous 2016 event in Antlers, Oklahoma on October 14th, 15th & 16th, 2016 see the flyer on
It will be another huge event and lots of fun for the whole family! Come and visit with us, you’ll love it; Hope to see you there.

Expect the Unexpected!

Keith Wills guest speaker on Goldradiotalk June 23rd!

June 23rd at 6:30 PM I will be a guest speaker on Gold Radio Talk on the Internet. A link to get to the site is below! I will be speaking on a number of things such as the success I have in my travels to Washington D.C. for our hobbies, my efforts to assist those with problems in the many court rooms I have visited in behalf of those needing help in our hobbies. Also the many talks with several State’s congress and senate representatives over the years and why I now support as an officer WWATS.ORG and it’s efforts to work in behalf of the many folks that enjoy our outdoor activities in prospecting, metal detecting, rock hounding, arrowhead collecting, fishing, hunting, and more on our public lands.

It is my hope that you can make time to listen and or call-in and talk with me!!

Thanks so much, Keith Wills

Click to Listen to GoldradioTalk!

Donated Foreign Coins/2015 Kerrville Lions Kid Kamp


Honorable Prez:

1. Attached find fotos of a 4 pound bag containing 300+ Asian coins (Japan, Australian, Hong Kong, Thailand, etc.).
2. To be used for the detecting kids at the upcoming June 17-18, Kerrville, TX, Lions Kids Kamp.
3. Donated by Mr. Dock Hrock (Rhymes with Rock) after contacting Mr. Keith Wills of  "The World Wide Association of Treasure Hunters" (
4. I suggest that our Club Secretary send a thank you note to:.
    Mr. Dock Hrock
   1908 Logans Place
   New Braunfels, TX 78130
   Tele: 830-708-4258
5. Mr. Hrock accumulated these coins while at U.S. Navy ports of call during the 1960's and 1970's.
6. Also have our Secretary extend an invitation to visit and join our Club and participate at the June Kerrville Kamp.  I had a delightful two hour visit with Mr. Hrock; he is very interested in both our Club and the Kids Kamp.
Good Health, and, Great Finds,
tommiehistorie, ret