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A Message from the Vice President of WWATS

As vice president of WWATS (World Wide Association of Treasure Seekers), my resolution is to make a major difference for the treasure hunter, prospector and hobbyist in America and other countries. Already we have traveled to Washington D.C. to speak with the Forest Service and Army Corps of Engineers and have many new ideas for our common past times. More trips to Washington will be made to strengthen our recreational detecting and prospecting relations.

WWATS is a organization and is not only nationwide, but worldwide. There are already over 8000 members in WWATS. The membership ratio between prospectors and detectorists/collectors is about equal with a few other hobbyists joining in.

Membership is FREE and is good for one year. We also have a PAID membership for 3 years that helps us make the trips to help keep open lands that we enjoy our hobbies in. Plus in the PAID membership, there is a special part of the website that you can enter only and it has much needed information and videos to help you better use and enjoy your hobby, it also gives you a discount for your three years membership at all of WWATS outings and discount with many dealers that sale your hobby equipment; much more info.. We have an annual open hunt which is for all members each year. For such an organization to survive, it must rely on the good and dedicated hearts of it's members. Some of the manufacturers are now supporting WWATS.

The Focus of WWATS is to be an information center, providing special training as necessary to understand our relationships with, and to openly approach, our government agencies, seeking ways our hobby can co-exist within the rules and regulations used to govern public lands today. WWATS shall be a proactive organization, not a reactive one.

We will NOT oppose existing state and national organizations in our hobby. We are here to provide a service to all detectorists, prospectors and other various outdoor hobbyist. It has taken us several years now to find the best of the best people in various hobbies to serve on our board-of-directors. Each of the board members are executive material, finest in their field and very dedicated to solving the problems that exist within our hobby. We feel we have the finest Washington based lobbyist, several very intelligent attorneys, an outstanding legislative liaison, several major publishers, the best of the diver/prospector/detectorist community and several CEO's of major manufacturers on our board. As I said before, each of them are very dedicated to our cause and will be the best in intelligent problem solving in the future.

The last visit to Washington proved one very important thing, we have not met with all the officials on a one-to-one basis and presented to them an organized and proposal for co-existence. WWATS will be the one organization taking those necessary steps for us all to continue to enjoy the hobby we so dearly love.

Hopefully, you will join us in that effort.
Keith Wills, Vice President


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