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Our Code of Ethics

WWATS Mission Statement

Preserve, Promote and Protect the right to the use of the Land and Natural Resources for "We the People" now and in the future.

WWATS Code of Ethics

  • I WILL respect all public and private land.
  • I WILL always obtain the owner's permission to gain entrance and use.
  • I WILL NOT destroy property or buildings on public or private land.
  • I WILL remove as much litter that I find as possible and fill all excavations.
  • I WILL NOT contaminate wells, creeks or other water supplies.
  • I WILL respect all others use of the land and natural resources that are operating within the WWATS Code of Ethics.
  • I WILL attempt to approach, educate or report those that do not follow the WWATS Code of Ethics.
  • I WILL report the discovery of items of significant historical value to local authorities in accordance with governing laws.
  • I WILL strive to learn, promote and preserve my rights to enjoy my hobby.
  • I WILL protect our land and natural resources, and act as a good ambassador at all times
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